Campbell's Defensive Driving current and potential students and members have questions and we have the answers to the most frequently asked.


  • Is Campbell’s Defensive Driving a school or a club?
    It’s a club that offers services in driver training, vehicle care (inspections and preventative maintenance), road side assistance and more.
  • What is defensive driving?
    Defensive driving is driving to save lives, time and money according to the definition from the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Courses.
  • What is the cost for and duration of lessons?
    $1,800/lesson and $17,000/Package (10 lessons) with each lesson lasting 45 mins. We recommend that a student conduct two lessons (90 mins) or more each sitting as experience as shown that they will grasp it faster from the longer practice periods.
  • Do I have to pay the package fee in one payment?
    No you do not. You may pay half the cost of package at or before the 1st sitting and the balance by the 3rd sitting.
  • Why the 3rd sitting and not the 5th?
    As stated above, a student will be doing two (2) lessons at each sitting. Hence the 3rd sitting will be lessons 5 & 6.
  • If am unable to or only wish to do 1 lesson each time, would I be accommodated?
    You may be accommodated, however it shall be stressed that 2 lessons (90 mins) or more per sitting will be better for the student.
  • If I pay for the package and only do a few lessons, can I cancel and get a refund?
    Surely you can, however the lessons taken will then be calculated at the regular lesson cost and refunded the balance.
  • Is there an age limit to learn how to drive?
    There is no age limit. However to learn driving with us, an applicant has to be at least 17 years of age and have a valid learner/provisional license.
  • Why would I join your club to learn driving?
    Our trainers are competent, patience and knowledgeable of not just driver training but also of motor vehicles and people. Knowing how and when to push a student to develop their confidence and skill
  • What do I need to learn how to drive with you?
    An applicant will need to have a valid learner/provisional license and patience
  • How do I apply for a learner/provisional license?
    Apply at any tax office with 2 passport pictures that are stamped and signed by a Justice of the peace (JP), TRN (tax registration number) and $1,800 (current cost).
  • What locations do you offer your driver training services?
    Driver training services are currently offered in Kingston, Spanish Town and Portmore
  • Do you pick up and drop off the students or do they have to meet you?
    We offer free pick-ups and drop offs, however pending location the students may have to meet us at more central location.
  • How many lessons will I need to be competent and pass my exam?
    The number of lessons needed to be competent and pass the exam is unknown as every student’s capacity and speed to learn driving is different.
  • What’s the average number of lessons needed to be competent to pass the exam?
    The average will range between 30-40 lessons. However additional practice with family and friends does increase ones chances of learning faster and hence doing less lessons with us.
  • Do you recommend practicing with family and friends?
    Once the student has a good grasp of the skill and the family or friend is willing to assist, then yes we recommend, providing the rules of the law are being adhered to.
  • What are these rules of the law?
    The family member or friend should be a holder of a valid driver’s license and the learner “L” posted on the front and rear of vehicle. All persons should have their license on person when the vehicle is being operated on the public road ways.
  • Am I liable to any damages to the vehicle while driving?
    Depending on what occur the student can be held liable for damages. Example, driving the vehicle without instructions. The instructor could have given the instruction to go in the vehicle and prepare to drive (adjust seat, mirrors and any other needed adjustments), however the student decides to drive off without further instructions.
  • Is it right to have the student alone in the vehicle?
    Please do remember that the idea is to have the student be capable of safely operating a vehicle alone, so while on the off road areas such as places where parking and the serpentine reverse is conducted, the student once seen as capable will be left on their own to manoeuvre the vehicle.


  • What are vehicle inspection and preventative maintenance?
    Vehicle inspection and the preventative maintenance are the checks made and task undertaken to prevent and minimize damages, inconveniences and loss of time, lives and money.
  • Do we pay for the inspection?
    Vehicle inspection is a benefit as a member. Regular members get one inspection per month and Full Ride members get two inspections per month; One every two weeks.
  • Do we pay for preventative maintenance?
    This is a paid service; however it’s discounted for members.
  • Are the service parts free?
    Members will have to pay for the parts used for servicing their vehicles.
  • Do you provide these parts?
    We may provide some of these parts as not all areas of the vehicles are serviced by our technicians.
  • What are the vehicles that are not serviced by your technicians?
    Vehicles that may require specialist tools that may not be in our possession at the time of service request.
  • What parts are needed for servicing?
    The parts needed may differ at each service. The most common service parts are, but not limited to oils (engine and transmission), spark plugs, filters (oil, air and cabin) and brakes (disc pads and shoes).
  • Do you perform vehicle system scans?
    Yes we perform vehicle system scans for most vehicles.
  • Do you charge for system scans?
    One free scan for regular members and two free scans for Full Ride members per annual membership. Any further scans are at a cost to the member.
  • What are the areas that are covered for the emergency road side assistance?
    We’ll only be accepting members currently in the areas of Kingston, Spanish Town and Portmore.
  • What if the member is outside of these areas when the need for assistance occurs?
    We will assist our members no matter what area of the country they are in directly or through the use of our affiliates (technicians, garages and wrecking companies).
  • Is the service for the member or the vehicle or both?
    Our concern is foremost our members and then the vehicle. As such the member is covered with or without the vehicle.
  • If I am a member and someone is driving my registered car and assistance is needed for the car, would he/she be assisted?
    Our concern there would be the vehicle and as such the person would be assisted
  • If I need assistance, could I call someone else before I call CDD?
    Your care and safety is our concern, as such yes you can call someone else before if you believe that person can get to you before us and maybe able to prevent something worse before our arrival.
  • Can CDD refuse service?
    CDD can refuse service where: • Payment for membership was not received (cheque not cleared, salary deduction or bank draft not done) • Person is being disrespectful and posing a danger to the technician
  • Are there any vehicle exceptions to road side assistance?
    If that vehicle is registered with a member, then that vehicle will be given assistance. If the issue cannot be resolved by our technician then assistance to be taken to someone that can will be done. If this vehicle cannot be rendered assistance then that vehicle will not be registered, example farm equipment or tractor.
  • If my keys were lost or stolen, could I still receive the free locksmith service?
    It is the responsibility of the driver/owner of the vehicle to safe guard the key and as such, unless the keys are locked in the vehicle, the cost of the locksmith will be that of the member.
  • How long does it take for response after CDD has been contacted?
    We do our best to promptly respond to a request, however pending the location of the request; it may take up to an hour or more.
  • Why would it take so long?
    While we apologise if it does, it may take longer as we may be hampered by such factors as weather and traffic. Sometimes this delaying traffic may be caused due to your requested assistance such as a collision that you were involved.
  • Can I cancel my membership and will I receive a refund if I do?
    Yes you may cancel your membership at any time you choose via phone or online. A text message and or email will be sent confirming your request, cancelation and refund. For monthly subscribers your refund will be issued only within the first five (5) days of your membership providing none of our benefits and or services were used. Full Ride membership will be calculated as monthly member subscriber and the balance refunded. Hence if a member request a cancelation and refund in the fifth (5th) month of membership and has gone over five (5) days into that month, the member’s refund will be $12,000-($1,200x5) = $6,000.