Membership Options

Campbell's Defensive Driving membership club was designed to reduce the stress of owning and operating a motor vehicle by assisting our members with some of the activities involved in maintaining the vehicle, road side assistance and bringing together people who have a common interest in road safety.

Price and service breakdown.

Unit CostXtra MileFull RideComprehensive Third Party
$50,000.00 + Tax$45,000.00 + Tax$40,000.00 + Tax$30,000.00 + Tax
Loyalty Points3x2x1x1x
Road Trip Invites
Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Checks$6500every 3 months every 3 months every 4 months
Vehicle Document Expiry Reminder/td>
Vehicle Registration Renewal $2500twice per yronce per yronce per yr
Vehicle Fitness Renewal $3000
Vehicle System Diagnostic Scan$5000once per yronce per yr
Financial Assistance 10%15%20%20%
Spare Credit Assist$25,000$15,000$5,000$2,500
VHS (Vehicle Health & Safety) Assurance
Emergency Roadside Assistance $5,000 Kgn, $6,500 Rural
On-Location Accident Assistance $7,000 Kgn, $10,500 Rural
Locksmith Serviceonce per yr, max $8,000once per yr, max $5,000once per yr, max $2500
Refuel Assistance twice per yr ($500)once per yr ($500)once per yr ($500)
Wrecker/Tow Assistance once per yr, max $10,000once per yr, max $8,000once per yr, max $5,000
Driver Assist (Valet)$3500once per yronce per yronce per yr