Campbell's Defensive Driving was created to develop the mentality of the public in regard to the proper use of a vehicle and safety on our roadways while displaying to all road users.  We believe that road safety begins not on the road but in the mind, the behavior and attitude of the driver hence our slogan to Think Responsibly Drive Defensively.

CDD believes a safe driver is a knowledgeable driver and hence knowing how the vehicle operates is very important and therefore our program is designed to inform the students of the vehicles features, technologies and their uses.

A part of our program is to promote proper vehicle maintenance to reduce the chances of system failure, break down and collision that can cause damage, financial loss and even death. If you treat the vehicle well, it will return the favor. CDD offers services such as vehicle preventative maintenance inspection and services, road side assistance, documents reminder and renewal, financial assistance and more to ensure the vehicle is safe, road worthy and performing at its best. Road trip is our members' activity trips geared to have our members meet n greet in different areas to enjoy a day or more of fun, peace and learning